Will this work?

I want to install the Corsair H110 into my computer. I want to power the pump with DC power just so no programs lower the pump speed. I was thinking of using a 3pin to molex connector that came with my case and plugging that into a molex cable comming from my power supply, will this work? http://i.imgur.com/3FpGqm5.jpg

yea looks like it will.  thats exactly what i do with my H50 - it's plugged into my PSU through a Molex/3-pin adapter rather than going through my motherboard.  

Thanks I was mostly worried about if the adaptor lowered voltages or anything like that.

Found this comment on Tom's hardware forum:  

Yellow is +12v, red is +5v, black is ground. The three pin connectors usually have a red +12v, yellow or blue RPM, and black ground.