Will This Work?

I came up with this build after Gigabuster said something about going intel instead of AMD for this build. This is the absolutely cheapest I could seem to make this build without making it trash. What I'm wondering is if the motherboard will support the Celeron. According to newegg, it wont. The thing for me is, the socket type is obviously the same, and the motherboard supports processor based graphics. SO will this build work?...


From what I can tell on the biostar website, it won't support celerons. Sigh.

if your going for a super cheap build why not go with an integrated processor ?

well that cpu does have integrated graphics and yes it should work but idk why newegg says no its the same socket so in theory it should. test it out yourself and just return the parts or soemthing........

Crunching a cpu into a socket and then returning it if it doesn't work isn't the best idea.

On the official biostar website, they said it doesn't work.. Oh well. 

uhh.. I just check biostar site and it says that G530 celeron is supported by that motherboard.