Will this work *gpu hardware mod*

so i have a dual slot GPU and i need a a wireless adapter which is a pci-e card and on my motherboard it is too close to the GPU slot which takes two slots and right now i cant fit both in at a time but this is where the hardware mod comes in because i need both. 

My idea: 
my plan is too take the fan off of the card which is the main thing in the way but im also going to leave the heat sync on because my computer is very well cooled and the card isnt a super high performer so it doesn't get too hot and the wireless adapter is pretty small and i took the actual bracket off of it and am thinking about running the intena spot thru the bracket vent on the card.

in my mind this should work but i want some second thoughts/ideas also if you guys need pictures to help just let me know or if you have any questions please let me know.

Just wondering why you wouldn't just get a pcie riser and plug that into the lane underneath 

Exactly what I was thinking...

^^^^ also you'll prolly burn your card if you remove the fan