Will this TV display 4K at 60Hz?

So I found this TV that's 4K and the price is extremely good on it, but.. I need to know if it does 4K at 60hz or not..

This is the listing http://www.harveynorman.co.nz/tv-and-audio/televisions/4k-uhd-televisions/lg-55-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-lcd-tv.html

This is LG's site http://www.lg.com/nz/tvs/lg-55UB820T

Also if you can point out any other flaws then that'd be great!


few days ago i've seen this baby in microcenter

it looks so good.


still yes, those tv's are nice; i'd still go for projector.

I've been looking fo a 4K TV too for a monitor,
For 60 fps it will need a displayport or HDMI 2 not HDMI 1.4

It should be able to support 60fps because of its "TruMotion technology (100Hz native refresh rate)"

You're joking eh?

Direct quote from the site, take it however you will.