Will this run BF3 on max

AMD Athlon ii x2 250

Palit Geforce 650ti OC Edition

Kingston 4GB RAM 1333mhz

Windows 32bit


I know that my CPU is bottle necking my GPU, I will soon upgrade.

Or maybe, you guys can give me specs of a 350$ Gaming PC that can run BF3 on medium or high. I would like to have an Intel Based or AMD Based (not APU) 

There is no chance, that could run it max as you need a quad core and gtx 660 ti or something like that to have a decent frame rate.

Good Luck

no actually hes wrong about needing 4 cores cause my brother has an i3 3220 and 660 non-ti and can run it on ultra with around 60fps. But with your setup probably on med settings.

no your wrong as i3 has hyper threading which is four threads smarty pants. I recomended a 660ti as random card to ensure that you have a decent frame consistently through out the game.

hyperthreading dosen't contribute to any games out so far. And i disabled it on his pc so bf3 wouldn't have stuttering.

you know maybe i was abit harsh earlier and i apologise for being a dick but what stuttering my i7 doesnt have any with hyperthreading?

dosen't matter any more the hyperthreading got rid of the stuttering for a day or two. but the game wont run at all any more. cause of this problem. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654347955584640/157/ 

but i do recommend a 7870 or a 660ti for bf3 ultra gaming.

yeh i have a 3470 and 7870 and never go below 55fps even on op firestorm

that rig spec and bf3 on max = no. not gonna happen. unless 640x480 is how you roll....

unless you get that cpu to some astromical overclock and you put the $350 towards something like a 7950/70 you are dreaming.

save up your pennies for a new build.



you dont need a 7950 to run ultra a 660 or 7850 will do it.

you don't need to run the game on ultra seriously, just play on high and get 80+ frames, there isn't that much of a difference between ultra and high, just the fps.

A 7850 can run that game on ultra with no AA and a quad core cpu but your fps will be around 30-40fps

I own a Phenom II x6 and an XFX 6870 and can run the game just fine..well over 60fps


bf3 @high [img]http://media.bestofmicro.com/P/M/328810/original/BF3%201920.png[/img]

on ultra?


For all those arguing, something along the lines of an FX 4300 and 7850 OC'd or a 7870 can max BF3 at around 60Fps