Will this rig be able to run Crysis?

Hey, I ordered some PC components from ebay (yeah I know) and I wanted to know if they would be able to run Crysis 30FPS+

A Power 600w PSU

2x1gb Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 RAM

MSI NX8600 GTS Graphics Card

2x 40GB IDE Hard Drives ---Hopefully upgrading soon

Abit IB9 P65 MoBo

Pentium D 930 3.0GHz 4MB L2 Cache

NZXT Apollo Silver Case

I have not acquired all of the pieces to the puzzle yet so I obviously cannot just go to Can You Run It

on what settings?

you can run it, but with an 8600 gts you wont be able to run it on very high settings, maybe meduim to low, with no anti aliasing

most likely wont be too playable on med(not above 30fps). ur probably be able to play on low, but it wont look nice

What about this video this dude runs it at high settings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3jKTgNol6c. I only have a 15" monitor.

Sorry about the double post but the last think I said didn't show up...I'm only running it on a 15" 1024x768 LCD Monitor.

that is probably fake, or he has like a extreme system with that card, or he has them in sli

Could I at least run it on medium pretty well? Or even medium to high? Lots of people play on those setting with that card.

medium settings.. yes its possible for that card depending on the resolution you are trying to run it on. if you are looking to play it at 1680x1050 or higher, no you wont be able to. also some of the people playing it on medium could have better processors and more memory than you.

are u using vista or xp?

medium to high you wont be able to do. you are probably going to be able to play on medium with a couple less important settings set to low. that card will fare much better on most other games.

Its going to be on a 15" monitor so itll be played on 1024x768...and I'm thinking about installing Vista but right now I have XP

at that resolution i suspect you will be able to pull off medium. also stick with xp, or go from 2gbs of memory to 4. those 2gbs of memory will go further in xp and you want your system to be accessing those old and slow hard drives as little as possible. also you might want to give your system a overclock if possible, idk how your cooling setup is going to be.

Air Cooling. Saying my video card only has a very large passive cooling system I will get one of those antec spot cooling fans and I will have a personal fan blowing air at the pc externally. And I will have 3x 120MM Fans One at rear one at side and one at drive bays. With luck I hope to win one of those PCs from TigerDirect (100 PCs in 100 Days) and take 2GB from that and take the SataII 250gb hard drive.

With this I hope to get at least get to 720 core and a 2100 memory and whatever I can get the shaders to on the gfx card.. Probably 3.8GHz on the proccesor

well, you might be able to run medium good, but with that card, dont expect much out of crysis.

crysis isnt even a good game... its more like a bragging right I would say. I played it and it was just REALLY pretty, more like a benchmarking system I would say