Will this power supply be able to handle 2 GTX670's

I'm planning on putting together a new system pretty soon (not just for gaming... but that is a big part)

i7 3930k (3rd party water cooler)
Socket 2011 ASUS Sabertooth x79 Motherboard
2 GTX670's in SLI
32GB 1600Mhz RAM (4x8GB)
1 SSD + 2 HDD's (7200RPM)

I have an old HX1000 powersupply (by corsair) hanging around... Will it be able to handle this hardware?
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139007 (<- The power supply)

Thanks in advance!



Yes, it will, but I would recommend a Seasonic X 850 instead. You could get an Seasonic 860W Platinum for the price of the HX1000, though, which would be more than enough for a 3930k and 670 SLI. 1000W PSUs are going to handle 3-way or 4-way SLI/CF situations, much more than 2-way.