Will this mobo beable to support the FX 8350

I’m able to get a FX 8350 but I’m not sure if itll work well on the mobo I have currently

seeing as its a micro-ATX will it happily support it or is it best to get a better mobo for it?

It should technically work yes but the VRM is so bad and the 8350 so power hungry you may see power throttling or board failure very quickly.

What board do you have now?

Also you shouldn’t buy an 8350 or any AM3+ motherboard at all. It is a waste of money. The platform is dead and the performance poor.

A quad core Ryzen CPU is faster than an 8350…

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yeah I know I shouldnt buy FX but with the prices of DDR4 ram and since I dont have much money and I already have DDR3 ram I might as well and I linked the mobo I have currently in the OP

Oh okay sorry I thought you meant that was the board you were going to buy. Yeah it will technically work but you may need a bios update but you may see decreased performance and it could.kill your board pretty quickly.

What CPU do you have now and what do you do with your PC? Depending it may not be worth any upgrade and you’d be better saving up for Ryzen

I have a FX 4130 and its horrible just doing normal stuff makes it goto 40% and dont get me stated about gaming holy god I’m going to start messing around with blender so itll be nice to have some extra horsepower for that

You’ll see some better performance in Blender.

Gaming performance will be pretty much identical and day to day tasks will probably not be much faster either.

What GPU do you have?

gaming performance will improve alot since my mate has this and he is able to play alot of games that run like crap because of my CPU I have a R9 380

Not really. I think that may be something else. IPC isn’t that much better than first gen and games don’t use more cores really. It’s just clock speeds. You’d be better off just OCing which would stress your board just as much as the 8350 and you’d not have to pay anything

ok getting of topic so its defiantly better for me to get a different mobo for the CPU


A 990FX board is what you’d want.

It is still a waste of money though.

It’s your call but I’d highly suggest saving your money, struggling through a bit, saving up and upgrading to something new.


I am with @DerKrieger on this, if you don’t have a lot of money you really only want to spend any if it makes a big difference.

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I have a FX-6300 OC’ed to 4.5Ghz with ASUS Sabertooth 990FX v2. You may be able to find these second hand since the they did release the v3 (PCI-e 3) in 2016. I know that I saw a huge boost by going from 3.5GHZ (Boost only) to 4.5 all the time. IT does generate more heat but the Hyper EVO 212+ does a damn good job of cooling in a push pull configuration. Never above 38C under full load.

Again, you really need to just save for an entry level Ryzen. Get some cheap DDR4 for 120USD and wait for the good stuff to get cheaper. We should see DDR5 at the tail end of 2019, beginning of 2020.

Would recommend 970 or 990FX chipset boards for FX CPUs.
However at that point you are better of getting more up to date parts.

Keep your eyes open for good deals on mainboards (X370/B350 boards) and Ryzen CPUs are on sale all the time.
For DDR4, you can get 8GB 2400MHz sticks for 80 bucks.

B350 too. Can be more than fine for Ryzen 3-5 CPUs. Can be had for $50-60. Ram is honestly the killer now in terms of price

I saw a 3000Mhz 8gb kit for $90 today


The R3 is an R2 refresh, made prettier w/ rgb, the R2 gen 3 had pcie 3 duct taped to it and was very limited production.

Better chance of finding the r3 on clearance than cheap r2.

@ninja85a you’re kind of in a tough spot but whole system upgrade is better option for tangible performance upgrades.

It will die a quick and painful death by 8350. It is just not worth the effort. I would point you towards a Ryzen build in this day and age. Some of the 6 core cpus are reasonable and should serve you well , as well as giving you modern storage options and connectivity.

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It can, but I wouldn’t. Get a gigabyte 990FX board. Theres one for 60 bucks that I want.

If you dont intend on overclocking, i see no issue with it. I have used 6+ of the Asus equivalent board for several builds going back to 2014 and they are all still alive and kicking.

Bet I can run a biostar 970 for awhile. I normally use them for the 6300’s but I know it will okay in non overclock.