Will this Graphics Card work with this Motherboard?



I am going to be building a cheap gaming PC soon but I need a bit of help.


I don't know whether..

The Motherboard.. Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Micro ATX AM3+

Has the right PCi-E slot for...

ASUS HD Radeon 6670 1GB GDDR3 Graphics Card.

As on the website (eBuyer) it states that the Motherboard has a PCi-E 2.0 Slot, Where the GPU has a

PCi-E x16 slot.


I haven't built a PC before and would really appreciate some help.



Sorry..The spec of the GPU is GDDR5..not GDDR3.

Yes, it'll be fine. You won't have any compatibility or performance issues.

Thanks a lot.

This is what has been holding me back from ordering the parts.

No worries dude, any time you have questions, just hop over and ask (: welcome to the Tek, and happy building!

I have that MOBO! HAHA :D

What are your thoughts on it? :)