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Will this card support Display output to a Monitor?


Hi guys,

I’ve got this USB Type C Pci-e card (link) installed. Does anyone know if it would support Type C Monitors?



Doesn’t look like it. Although DP over USB-C is a VESA standard, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically included with every type-c adapter.

Dell has a pretty good write up here:

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I’ve got the card in my possession now. No DisplayPort markings anywhere :upside_down_face:

It’s not the reason why I bought the card - I would have loved that extra functionality though!



That’s the biggest Problem with USB-C. USB C is a connector, not a Protocol. That PCI-e Card is USB 3.1 only. The same connector can be used for Thunderbolt, DP, USB, and a whole bunch more.
As much as i like the connector, it’s confusing as hell even for tech literate people. Let alone the general public.