Will this card run 3x1080p?

I'm wondering if this card wil run 3 1080p monitors.

It's not going to be used for gaming only for regular desktop usage

I wouldn't say so. The link you put up shows an Eyefinity setup. It has the wrong outputs for 3 monitors though...

If not that GPU, how about this one?

That one will work, but you'll need one or more converters, depending on what kind of monitors you'll be using. Most monitors under 300 US bucks don't have displayport, and a lot have either HDMI or DVI, but not both.

Otherwise, technically any 7750 (or higher end AMD) card can run 6 monitors, you just need converters, and displayport daisy chaining if you want more than 3.

Ok, thank you for your answer

u can run 3 monitors on a 4870 im sure that gpu will work