Will this build play the games I want it to?

amd leaves room for a thermaltake frio, thats what I would recommend for serious air OC

FX 6300 if you can afford it or the Ph II x4 965 BE, if your having to save ~$50 or so. I believe that the AM3+ chipset is going to last a bit longer (Intel is changing chipsets with Haswell and will require a new mobo), so it is a better choice, IMHO. The Intel will do fine too, but is on a dead socket.

What if I were able to jump from the AMD FX-6300 to the FX-8350? Would that be better long term? Im trying to get this to build to the point where I dont have to upgrade for awhile even though the newer games that will come out I can play on like medium quality if I have to with the 7870.

And your budget is...?

About $750-$775 with shipping included. I know most parts ship free but the cases usually dont.


I appreciate the build but would it be able to play the games and on what kind of quality?

Ultra/maxed out

What about this? Would this be any better at all?




gpu is most important when it comes to gaming, also youcan easily acquire 4+GHz with FX8320, Gigabyte 970A-ud3 has good 8+2 phase power for OC-ing so you are good.

Dont change a thing

You might want to change the RAM set that you selected. The heat spreader will probably interfere with the aftermarket CPU HSF because they protrude vertically too much. You might be fine, but I'd recommend getting a RAM set that has LOW PROFILE heat spreaders on them.

Like this set below:

[url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231548]G.Skill Ares Set[/url]


It will run all of that, don't worry about it. It seems quite soild but I would go for higher end GPU and motherboard for future proofing.

got the same setup just a 660 non ti and its a lower card than the 7870 and ive played all those games on ultra. arma 3 though that was at 35fps max on single player and multiplayer i was getting 20 at max on the lowest settings.