Will this build bottleneck at all?

The build is for my brother's friend, gone through a few revisions until he said he'd have maybe £500 to spend. Up fromthe £470 previous budget. I'd decided to go from a 7770 to a 7850 with the extra money but I'm a bit concerned that the CPU will bottleneck the GPU.



why are you getting an a-10 5800 if you are getting a dedicated GPU?

I'd say get a pheanom 965 or something.Because if you buy an A-10 5800k the intergrated graphics on it is just wasted


Yes it will and you won't even be able to hybrid crossfire because this generation APU is only compatible with a 6670 GPU at most.  You would have to get a stronger CPU to not bottleneck the 7850 like the FX-6300 or 6100.

a a-10 is not gonna bottleneck a 7850.But its a better idea to buy a pheanom 965 and a 7850.

Yeah, it's a little more expensive, but this is what I would suggest: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/DVwK