Will this build be good for a few years

Here it is. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/EG9i

Will this setup play games for the next few years? 2015 or so. 

Ya I think we will be ok, mabey an 8 core steamroller next year just cause

Wouldn't recommend one memory stick. Most mobos now adays are dual channel. Pick up another stick when you get the chance for best performance. Also consider adding an SSD and also to get the best from your processor you should consider overclocking in the future. Those 6300s oc decently.

I would suguest getting a 7950 over a 7870

A 7870 xt is almost just as good as the 7950s and is a much better price.

Ya but I dont know how i feel about Powercolor or Sapphire who seem to be the only ones producing the Tahiti any thoughts appreciated. Toast?

I've never used Powercolor, but I have used Sapphire and I have not had one problem with them!

Sapphire is good though?

Sapphire cards are great from what I've heard. Powercolor also produces the worlds first 7990 and from what I understand they're nice cards, so powercolor can't be too bad.

I personally have a Sapphire 7970 and I love the thing to death. I also had my eye on Powercolor's 7990, so you probably can't go wrong either way. For what it's worth Sapphire also makes TRIXX, (an overclocking utility), so it might be beneficial to OC a Sapphire card with Sapphire software? I haven't tested this or anything, but it could be noteworthy.