Will this Budget gaming build work for the next few years

Will these specs cope for the next few years of gaming,


Cpu - AMD fx 8350

GPU - r9 280x

MOBO - MSI 970 Gaming AMD

RAM - 8GB hyperxfury obv can boot that up to 16gb when needed

PSU - Corsair cx 600W


Thanks in advance for any advice

It should be fine but that fine is subjective. The 280X (7970) was the high end 1080P gaming card a couple of years back and will handle almost all games fine.

If you are willing to spend a little more or wait a while longer, AMD Should be releasing the R9 3XX series which will hopefully drop the price of the 970. I would grab that instead for just a bit more.

i would recommend the i5 4460 cpu for just 10 dlls more 

Thanks Theonewhoisdrunk, yeah i was actually thinking about that particualr gfx card upgrade, i aint buying the comp for a few months anyway. Any ideas how much the r9 380x will be on release?