Will this bottleneck

Im thinking about getting an old Dell Optiplex 790 PC computer or something like it with a i5-2500 for $200 < then adding an r7 370 do you think it will bottleneck the r7 370?

No an R9 380 might be overkill for a 2500 but that should be fine.

no you should be more than fine.

Just make sure it has a decent power supply.

No, in fact I would imagine there's still headroom for even a 380.

2500 is more than enough for 380... 390 is overkill... 380 isn't overkill at all...
there is no quadcore from the last, let's say 5 years, that will bottleneck 370 or equivalent (270, 750Ti, 7850...)

You'll be totally fine. I have a Nano coupled to my 2600K and that thing is amazing.

It depends on the situation. I have an oc'd 2500k (4,3GHz) and in cities it bottlenecks the 390, but in outside areas, I think the 390 bottlenecks.

w/o oc'ing though, the 2500k bottlenecks in all situations.

Will be more then fine for a 370.
But with higherend cards like GTX970 / R9-390 and up, it will bottleneck in certain games and gaming scenario┬┤s yes.

Yeah thats true, @hagridoneil should oc ;-)

It is apparently a non k part hes looking for that's why I said it would be a bottleneck.

Apparently it is - somehow I read 2500k. But while I do think it is possible to play witcher 3 at around 40fps on a 2500, I hardly think thats possible with a 370.
Which is why, I think that a 380 should be fine for a 2500 - but I'm just guessing, @hagridoneil should definitely read some benchmarks.

i'm not sure if this is a troll thread. 2500k will be just fine... even with furyx or 980ti/titan...

Why should it be a troll thread? As mentioned above, Witcher 3 bottlenecks a 2500k at certain times, and I'm pretty that with newer games it will be more often the case.

witcher 3 bottlenecks with skylake i7-6700k too. The bottleneck occurs at gpu draw calls its api fault.

That will depend on your GPU. Sure even a 6700k can reach its limit and there is less difference between CPUs than GPUs, but a 2500 at stock settings will reach its limit faster.

(api draw calls: thankfully, this issue doesn't exist with dx12 any longer)

Yeah but the i5-2500 is not a i5-2500K, thats the clue of the thread.

it will still do just about fine... people think too much. My 2500k at stock does just about the same with feeding my furyx with work and 2x 290x's in past. (just happens i have 2500k lying around... and can confirm this.)

no, you can go as far as putting in a gtx 780 and it won't budge