Will this blow me away?

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This week I will be completing my new build, after 6 years of intel core2 8400, asus p5q with a ati 3600 gpu. The new build consists of this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3DRCk   I'm expecting to be blown away performance wice. The old one is turning over on Xp, i'm thinking of windows 7, works the same or is there a compeling reason for windows 8.1



Yes. I went from an i3 530 and 9500 GT to i5 3570k and HD 7950 and the difference was extremely large.

The difference should be very large and I would add a 280/280x over the 270 if you are going to spend that kind of money.

I would be going for this. Managed to get a 280x for the same budget . http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3DThB


Should have a high-tier card in a budget of this size.

Placed an efficient PSU in the build, and it's reasonably priced.

It should be quite snappy.

I went from a C2D e8600, 4GB DDR2, and GTS 250 to an i5, HD 7950, 8GB RAM, and everything is much quicker and stuff doesn't crash all the time now.

Thank's for the comments, about going for a 280/280x  its about 100 euro's more and i'm saving that to buy a 120gb m.2 pci-e drive, wen ever they come avalible. I'm not realy a gamer, curently I have Doom 3 and South Park. This build is to speed up my photo editting and expecialy when stacking photo's of the stars at nicht, somingthing like stack's of50 to 150, at the momment this takes houres, and the better high res photo denoising program's take long as wel. By the way I only need to put the proccesor in it (coming tomorow )  and it's finished, oh and the opperating system, win 7 after trying out 8.1 at my brother's, it's not for me.

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I do know that these are pretty popular upgrades for the Lenovo Y series of laptops.


BOOM it is no comparison to my old machine, simple thing like youtube just work even this site is snappy like never before, photo rendering is direct like cilck and it's there, it cuts al things time wize in a quarter, i'm amazed by the killer nic, it works just perfect. Very happy man I am. 

@ Some Tech Noob, the problem is that there are only SATA3 drives on the market, I want a PCI-e version, like the plextor with adaptor but warrant void if you remove the drive from its PCI-e adaptor, but thanks for your input.

Pretty sure the one I linked you is a M.2 PCIe drive...


Nope the sticker on the card say's m.2 S-ATA 6Gb, and so does the tekst, unfortunately. Have to be patient til end this year for what i've read on the tech-site's, or take the plextor and void the warranty. It's not realy a problem I am being blown away performance wize as it is.