Will this be able to run bf3?

Hi I'm a new PC gamer. Im looking into buying battlefield 3 but as I heard it is a very intensive game and I am worried that my PC Will not be able to run it. My CPU is a 3.2ghz Quadcor. Intel i5-3470. I have 16gb of DDR3 1333mhz Samsung RAM and for my GPU I have a 1gb nvidia GeForce GTX650. If someone would tell me if it would run ok on my PC that would be very helpful :) 

Yes. On Ultra quality you'll be looking at about 35 FPS.

Ultra at 1080 p youd get about 19FPS, go look at the toms hardware review.

Depends on your monitor too. What is your resolution? 1920 x 1080?  



The 650 is fine when running on low settings but struggles at ultra.. But that's at 1920 x 1080 so you should be fine if you're running a resolution lower than that... like 1600 x 900

Tyler I'm just wondering... where did you get your 35 FPS on ultra from?

1366x768 is the resolution of my monitor. So whaeat settings could I run it on with that?

I'm quite sure you will be able to run it at ultra at above 30 fps.