Will this ASUS PRO WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI build pc work?

Hello guys! This is my first so such powerful PC build. I have MB - ASUS PRO WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI, CPU - Ryzen threadripper 3975wx. I have doubts with power supply and RAM. Want to use 4 module RAM - KSM32RD8/32MER (at all 128gb RAM, yes i need ECC ram) and DARK POWER PRO 12 1200w or 1500w. Questions:

  1. Does the power supply fit the motherboard?
  2. Will this RAM work with motherboard (maybe some one test this RAM with MB)?
  3. Please, recommend a power supply
  4. Which slots to insert 4 module RAM
    Thanks everyone!
  1. Yeah, either of those power supplies will work.
  2. RAM should also be fine, but you could check the QVL in the motherboard manual and chose one off that list since this looks to be for critical work…
  3. I have used 1600W eVGA power supplies for similar builds, but nothing looks wrong with what you have already chosen.
  4. Motherboard manual will tell you which slots to populate for 4 modules…

1 - I have used the EVGA 1200T2 and 1600t2 power supply. I have a fan of the EVGA power supplies, the customer service - A+. I like the EVGA power supplies, the PSU has an EVO mode. Which allows the powersupply fan to turn off unless there is a need. I have used my 1600t2 under some nice pressure, and never heard the fan. I may have heard the fan twice, and a lot of that had to do with me tinkering with the PC, and different setting. Turning off the at switch turned my PC in to a PC I heard ever hear. My CPU fans run at 600 RPM, and we are loving it. In my system, I used the same motherboard and processor. No issues. The only thing I have in the works is to downsize the case - only because I am going to do some moving, and I want to keep it simple. Right now, I plan on selling off the PC case with the customer water loop internally. Keep all the water-cooling components mounted for the next person.

2 - I use the exact same ram, just in a 64GB - ECC per stick. With two sticks I have not had a single issue. I plan on getting at least two more sticks of ram for the system. I will stock at 4 out of 8 sticks. The ECC ram gets costly - quickly.

3 - I like the EVGA T2 power supplies; they are robust and stable. Some might consider the T2 overkill, but EVGA 1600 T2 by EVGA website - $480 plus shipping. I picked up a second one off ebay for $250 for my door. When I start building the following case, I will use the psu, build the system and keep my other PSU with the Phantec Elite case.

4 - I cant remember off top but check the manual.

If you have any questions - let me know.

Hi, thank you for replay. Read the manual from the site asus and did not find a mention in it - in which slots need to insert 4 modules. If you or someone else know this, please let me know)
Thx for all replays!