Will this amd build work?


of course it will work, i doubt it will blow up in my face..

but will i be getting the most or even more for my money with this build or will i be ripping myself off somewhat?

i had another build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jKVK23 but was told i could get more performance for that price.

how does it compare?

i will mostly be using this rig for indie games and mmo's.

thanks in advance

Id build around the 760K over the i3

I think the i3 would be the better option since you have the option to upgrade to an i5-4690K, i7-4790K, or a Xeon E3 1230 V3 in the future, also on the Intel build get the R9 280 instead of the GTX 760, the AMD card should be stronger the Nvidia. Also 430W on that Intel is really cutting it close in terms of power, I'd recommend getting at least a 550W for either build.

 i5-4690K, i7-4790K, or a Xeon

So, put up with a shiter CPU till he can afford yet another CPU that will be overkill for indie games and mmo's?

The 760K is a little monster, my mrs has her one OC'ed to a cool and quite stable 4.8Ghz and could go past 5Ghz if noise was not a issue. 

Matched with a R9 270 it can play any AAA game we have thrown at in on High-Ultra setting.

(I'm a Intel fanboy, but the 760K just shits on the any i3) 

The i3 is plenty powerful, it trades blows with the 760K and who know's what he will do in the future.

The locked duel core i3 trades blows with the unlocked quad core?  maybe at stock speeds, but who runs the 760 at stock?

Fine, I guess the 760K will be fine, I just feel that having an upgrade path would be preferable to not having anyway of upgrading without getting a new mobo/CPU

nothing,the industry is moving to multi-core

Why not just get a 120 dollar fx 6300?

fx CPUs are am3+ socket, this board is fm2+

Definitely grab a R9-280 over a GTX760, the 280 will blow the GTX760 out of the water.

I did some chances to your intel build. MSI R9-280 gaming + i5-4460. Z series chipset board, is basicly overkill, for a non K cpu, But the G45 gaming is a decent board which is on sale aswell. you could also cheapout on the board, if you grab a H87/H97 or B85 chipset board if you like.

I also made an Decent AMD option

intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GVpCFT

AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fNCH8d

Some MMO´s realy hanging on the cpu, so that is something to keep in mind.

$600 build with a 760k?

This build is a pretty different from to the original, but would be better short-long term imo