Will there be kaveri athlon?

The topic is the question. Now that the athlon branding is being used in the jaguar parts from AMD will they still continue the athlon CPUs that are lime the 760k. I was just wondering if I will be able to upgrade a 750k with a new steamroller varient and possibly a excivator one with Carrizo. Hopefully they continue it because the athlons have been one of the best price to performance cpu's out there if you are on a budget. So what do you guys think...did I just miss something?


Probably not since kaveri relies on the iGPU for HSA, Athlon branding is now being used for the kabini APU SoCs on the upcoming AM1 socket. So it is unlikely that they will make a stand alone CPU based on kaveri

I could be entirely wrong here, but I'm fairly certain the Athlons were just APUs stripped of the GPU. This being true I don't see why they wouldn't in order to hit that market segment, who have a discrete graphics card, but want a budget processor. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong I am curious as well. 

Ya if you look at the build a pc section of the forum the athlon 750 and 760 parts are the most recommended parts for budget gaming pcs.  I think that it would be stupid for amd to not release a chip with the igp disabled...

The problem is that AMD is really pushing for this HSA thing, and releasing just the CPU alone would be against what they are trying to do. Plus if you compare the images of the dies between Richland and kaveri, it looks like kaveri has the iGPU fused to the CPU in such a way that it they would probably have to create a new architecture in order to have the CPU standalone.

In terms of CPU performance, the Kaveri APUs aren't much faster than their predecessors. The 750k is still sufficient in that Athlon range of processors. There's no gap to fill, essentially. Though, I would still welcome more options, might benefit from pricing schemes.

True its more of a desire for me to have the newest architecture even if they are not that much of an upgrade.  It still should be interesting if amd even releases any new cpus from here on out or if they will just be apus.  I think we will find our after carrizo.