Will there be a real Skyrim successor?

Hello everyone,

in the time i frequently felt like gaming is no fun anymore, and I concluded that this is mainly because of the games that I am playing. The last game I really enjoyed playing (and modding!) was Skyrim! The game was simply amazing in so many aspects: gameplay, lore, graphics (modded), ...

With ESO now soon being out of the beta I am wondering whether Bethesda is already working on a single Player Skyrim successor.What I have heard so far about the ESO is that the whole combat system feels quite stiff and that the world is not as dynamic as it is in Skyrim (esecially when it comes to physics. I LOVED pushing and throwing things around in Skrim). Also, the first person view which I enjoy a lot in Skyrim seems to be pretty bad.

As I am not a MMO person, I do not see ESO as a good Skyrim 'successor' if you may call it like that. I feel like a lot of the immersion is lost because of the whole MMO thing. Please don't get me wrong I would love to play Skyrim together with friends, but more in a PvE than a PvP environment and with all the cool features Skyrim had.

What are your thoughts on that? Have you tried ESO? I have a beta key but will not be able to participate in this weekends beta because I am at my gf's parents place.

Do you know any rumors about an Elder Scrolls VI being in development (other than that one: http://www.t3.com/news/the-elder-scrolls-6-vi-rumours/ideas)?

I will let you know what the beta is like if the enormous file ever finishes downloading today lol.


It sucks bawls

Well, they haven't really done anything in the Summerset Isles, Valenwood, Elsweyr, or Black Marsh, so I would expect the next game to be in one of those locations. They also haven't touched large portions of High Rock, Hammerfell, or Morrowind, so those might be tied in. Yes they have had games in those locations, but they didn't cover a large portion of them.

If they continue the series in chronological order like they have been, the next game will probably be set after Skyrim, but at the same time there is a lot of empty space in the previous eras they could play with.

The emphasis will probably be on a different race than the ones they've done so far. I mean Morrowind had the Dunmer, Oblivion had Imperials, Skyrim had Nords, and stuff like that. I would think the new emphasis would be for the Bosmer, Atmer, Khajiit, or Argonians since they are more or less the only ones that haven't had a game in their homeland.

I have a feeling the combat system is going to be fairly similar to the one in Skyrim since it works fairly decently. I'm almost certain being able to wield weapons and magic at the same time will stay at the very least.

New hardware systems mean better textures/models and potential for more space.


As for my personal wishes, I would like to see it in Elsweyr, but I think Black Marsh might be a little better since Skyrim was a little elf-y if that makes sense. It wasn't horrible, but the Dominion/Empire thing was almost a little too much in Skyrim and at times I began to think that if the Empire was replaced by the Dominion in the Civil War questline absolutely nothing would change. That, and just about every single Atmer was an asshole. The Summerset Isles might be a good place too since the Bosmer pretty much haven't had much of a role in the games so far. They were kinda just there for the most part.

I would like to see the consequences of questlines to be more like actual consequences. Like in Skyrim if you joined the College of Winterhold almost nothing happened outside of the College even though the citizens of Winterhold seemed to hate the place. Like if there was a simple go-and-fetch quest given by somebody who hates the college, you wouldn't be able to get that quest if you're a member of the college. Even something like general disdain would be better than what it currently is.

The marriage and adoption features are useful from time to time, I'd like to see those kept. Or the marriage feature at the very least because it's nice being able to have an NPC that you can sell stuff to.

Cities need to be way larger with a lot more NPCs. I don't even care if most of the NPCs are just randomly generated whenever you walk into a city, it's just that currently cities are boring. I swear Solitude has a population of 35 people for what's pretty much the largest city in the game. Also, make buildings multi-floored with those floors being able to be entered by the player. A fifty foot tall castle should have at least three floors, if not four.

Work on the AI a little more. Killing a bandit and having his buddies actually search the are would be nice. Certain guards patrolling in groups would make sneaking more challenging and less based on running up behind something and killing it.

Magic needs to be more balanced with weapons. Once you get up to level 50 or so in Skyrim magic starts to become significantly less useful for things other than transmuting ores. Having a spell level with it's respective skill would work great. A healing spell should heal more at level 90 than it does at level 15.

More sounds for better immersion. Running around in the woods of Skyrim without hearing anything feels pretty unnatural when I can do the same thing behind my house and hear plenty of things. Speaking of which, having every animal able to have an actual call would work wonders.

I'll probably think of other things, but that's it for now.

Yep its crap sub par graphics boring questing boring combat everything you kill has one gold on its corpse there is no hit detection or collision detection you can just walk thru enemies when trying to hit them with a melee weapon disappointed now i just whant to play more skyrim.

Some screen shots Maxed out seting (vsync on)






I have problems opening your images. The 9/10 of it are black. I will try it again later.

What I could see in one of the images is that the characters looke very unrealistic. A bit as if someone tried to take an Anime drawing and made a 3d model of it. Personally, I dont like that at all! I loved the realistic lok of peoples faces in Skyrim, especially after adding a few mods.

You have to wait for them to load as thay are lossles PNG snaps thats why i dident paste them here in the box it would take ages for the page to open up and imgur converts lossles pics to jpeg and kills the image quality on lage files.

Morrowind will be the Skyrim successor. Just wait for it.

I want a new Elder Scrolls where the Dwemer come back and are trying to conquer Tamriel with their god-like technology!

I thought ESO was beautiful. But thats about it. Take WoW, dumb it down to second grade combat style, and you get ESO gameplay.

As for the next game of the series, ESO was never meant to be a successor. 

Of course there will be a next one, which area? Who knows. But it will happen.

Its good to hear that most of you guys are confident that there will be a successor to Skyrim. I only hope that there will be a co-op mode where I can walk around with a friend instead of all by myself. Ideally this should support modding, of couse!

What concerns ESO, I am probably not going to buy it. What I have seen so far does not convince me. The graphics look nice but as far as gameplay and the combat system goes, it simply cannot compete with Skyrim. If i am wrong here feel free to correct me ;-)

I felt like ESO was a decent mmo but when I played it I just wanted to go play skyrim or oblivion. I really hope they make another single player game but I feel like they won't and fallout will be the single player game they make.