Will there be a 1080ti?

As stated. Seems odd to me that the 1080 is sitting right now at the price point of what the 980ti was when it came out. Up here in Canada a 1080 is sitting around 850-1000 depending on model and features. Same price point of my 980ti when I bought it new. Seems like there isnt much room left between the price of the 1080 and the Titan XP for a 1080ti without shooting themselves in the foot with Titan sales.

Havent heard many rumors either. Any thoughts?

Maybe. We will know when and if its official. I see it as probable, but we won't know anything until its official. If its a thing, it'll probably be a Titan X(P) minus a pair or SMs or four.

But I mean price point wise it doesn't make sense to me. If they did it they would probably keep the Titan price the same and dump the 1070 and 1080 a large bunch to make room for it

Depends on how much pressure AMD can put on Nvidia. We might see a $1000 Gtx 1080 Ti, with everything else staying the same, in US pricing. If AMD puts the heat on Nvidia, we'll probably see the pricing structure fall more in-line with what we saw on the 900 series. That would be a $175 Gtx 1060 3gb, a $225 Gtx 1060 6gb, a $350 Gtx 1070, a $550 Gtx 1080, a $750 Gtx 1080 Ti, and a $1000 Gtx Titan X(p). Another possibility, is that Nvidia will release a second Titan card this generation, with along with a Gtx 1080 Ti. There actually is room for this, as the Gtx Titan X(P) is not the fully enabled GP102 chip. The fully enabled chip is 3840 cuda cores and the current Titan X(P) is 3584.

What's weird about this generation is that it doesn't follow the same format as we saw with the 700 series or the 900 series. With the 700 series Nvidia released a slightly cut down top end Titan, with a slightly cut down Quadro, with a even more cut down original 780. They left more room for the cards on every level, but when they released the Titan Black and Gtx 780 Ti, they both had the fully enabled chip as well as the revised Quadro. What was different about this generation was Nvidia left a lot more in the tank between the fully enabled chip and what they actually released, where as Nvidia hasn't left as much of a percentage of difference between the Titan X(P) and the fully enabled chip, AND the pascal quadro, the P6000, has got the fully enabled chip out of the gate. The 900 series was also different.

The 900 series started with a fully enabled Titan X card, that had all the Cuda cores out of the gate. After that, the 980 Ti was a slightly cut down version, 256 cuda cores less than the fully enabled chip and Titan X. What's similar between this generation and the 1000 series is actually what happens below this level, as the Gtx 980 and Gtx 1080 actually have a similar spacing between themselves and the Titan card of their era. But the 900 series and 1000 series differ because the Titan card in the 1000 series is actually like the 700 series, where its not the fully enabled chip. On the 900 series the fully unlocked chip was in the original Titan X out of the gate.

It's all very confusing and Nvidia actually has a lot of option as to where they price the cards and what left they can release. One thing is for sure when talking about the 1000 series, Nvidia has rushed to get the cards out fast so that they can make the majority of their sales while AMD has option to confront Nvidia. Nvidia also has priced things high, which does a couple things. It offsets the higher production costs of the new manufacturing process, and also leaves Nvidia with room to drop the prices as costs lower and competition arises. Or, if AMD can't compete, Nvidia can keep the prices and only drop them at the very end of the cycle as to clear stocks before the next generation, while enjoying a sizable margin until that time arises.

Wow that has a lot of typing LMAO.

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i haven't taken proper look at the Titan chip, but it is very likely that it'll have cut down version with imperfections/impurities from pascal Titan production. You can expect it with or around same time as Vega rolls out.

No they really don't need to shift the other cards to make room. 1080 is $599-$699. Titan X is $1200. There is plenty of room in there to squeeze another card in.

980 on release was $549. 980 Ti was $649 and Titan X was $909.

Now what I predict

1080 FE is $699. 1080 Ti non FE will be $799 with FE at $899. Titan XP is $1200.

However, that is just a guess. nVidia is crazy with jacking up the prices here so it is possible that 1080 Ti will launch as high as $999 for the FE.

So yes I expect there to be a 1080 Ti. I expect it to be very expensive. The question now is the configuration. nVidia justified the Titan X price by doubling the VRAM. So 1080 Ti could have 12 but I expect it to be 8GB or 10GB.

Well stated sir. I do think $999 for a FE 1080 Ti is possible depending on the VRAM.

This is true. GP100 also exists and it is massive and currently only available in some crazy as deep learning think and costs close to $10,000. I don't expect that to hit the consumer market. It is too costly.

Will very much depend on what AMD does though.


I guess you all make good points. I should have been looking at the American prices. Canada has our stupid computer parts inflation.

I'd bet my soul that we won't ever see GP100 in anything but a tesla. The difference between GP102 and GP100 is that GP100 has massive double precision capabilities and Nvidia has indicated that they want to make that a Tesla only feature. Hence why its not even included on the Quadro P6000, which is the fully unlocked GP102 instead of the GP100.

Yes there will, but wenn who knows?
It will all depend on what AMD is going to release arround Oktober with Vega.
If Vega beats the GTX1080, then Nvidia still has the GTX1080Ti ace up their sleeves.
If Vega can barely compete with the GTX1080, then Nvidia could also hold the GTX1080Ti back for a while.
Because Nvidia ofc will try to bank as much as they can on their non flagship gpu.
But one thing is obvious, they just sit on their asses and wait.

The GTX1080Ti will be just a cut down version of the Titan XP.
And thats why they allready launched the Titan XP.
The faulty chips can be re-used for the GTX1080Ti lateron.

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Will there be a 1080ti?

Do fanbois have too much money?

Of course there will be. nVidia would implode and cease to exist if they knowingly did not extort every last cent they could and then over charge on top of it.

As for details. Just wait it will not be too long. As soon as AMD announce Vega it will drop a week before AMD does.