Will the nvidia RTX 3060 work on linux?

Considering the effective post-flop, that were those 1060-based mining cards, nVIDIA just cannot pass a single phucc about this predicament. Sell Sell SELL

Small group of people will buy up their available silicon, regardless of the source / iteration, run’em effectively to the soil [even if softening up the blows by undervolting / cool environment / etc.], to call it business engagement. Any soft/hard c0ckblock against these mining-type algorithms , that they’ve spoken of implementing, will get overrun / overwritten soon enough.

Hecc, we even have PCB producers, are in on this whole crypto shenananigans [gg Zotac]

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LOL super GG, BitTube is nearly as profitable (on some days moreso) with Nvidia GPUs, the only downside is if like 100 people start wholesale mining TUBE there won’t be enough buy volume to actually sell lol.

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This may even have the side effect of increasing volume and profitability of a non Ethash currency, making this whole thing entirely moot.

Plop :slight_smile:
Any reply ?

I feel like this should have come out if it didn’t work on nouveau driver or without secureboot, but i also don’t understand how they can keep it locked then.

They are leak about the same thing going on with the future 3080ti …
that card is so short in supply that i can’t find a good answer XD

Thanks for that, I did forget. Unfortunately I did not get a reply.

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New GA1xx-xx2 GPUs will once again re-introduce the hash rate limiter. These GPUs I guarantee you will not be compatible with Nouveau. Nouveau is screwed.

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I Wish they would be more reply from people owning one to test, the 3060 isn’t new anymore, many have one, yet this issue still isn’t clear :frowning:

Well I just bought a 3080TI FE, if it doesn’t get cancelled, I will be able to test the nouveau driver on it.
Really wanted a 6800xt, but you get what you find in today’s market, I can’t complain.

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