Will The EVGA NEX750B Handle an Asus DCU2 7970?

Hello everyone. I have recently began looking for a new graphics card to replace my 660. I've seen AMD's new line up of cards and I'm considering getting an R9 280X(Pretty much a 7970). I was wondering if my EVGA NEX750B will be able to handle the power draw of the 7970. If it can handle the 7970 I'm guessing it will be able to handle the 280X considering they are basically the same thing. The reason I'm asking is because I've heard Logan talking about how you should always get a PSU that has one single, high quality12V rail. The NEX750B has 2 but according to EVGA's product description they are both very strong rails. The 7970 has a total TDP of about 300W so I know my PSU can handle the total wattage considering that my PSU has an output of 750W but I'm not sure if that much power on one of the rails will crash my PSU.

If there is any advice or information anybody can give me on whether or not my PSU rails can handle that much TDP from one card I would be very greatful. Thanks for reading!

Your PSU should be able to handle it quite easily. You could probably run two in crossfire with it.

Yes you could run two 7970's on that PSU.