Will the EU and the FCC kill dd-wrt and other open networking solutions?

Today I've stumbled across an article which raised my attention:

TL;DR: (or don't understand german)
EU and FCC in USA are enforcing new laws/regulations in regards to software security for network devices.
This regulation has the potential to kill dd-wrt, cyanogen mod and potentially kill linux on Laptops (and more)

Article in german:

(EU regulation 2014/53/EU)

Attached document from FCC:
(FCC document 594280 D02 U-NII Device Security v01r02) - March 18, 2015)

English article on same topic: (did a quick search and this article seems to get the message)

On the other hand this blogger apparently messaged the FCC on for a statement and got the answer:
....The (FCC's) position is that versions of this open source software can be used as long as they do not add the functionality to modify the underlying operating characteristics of the RF parameters....


I thought I share this with you!
What are your thoughts on that?
Had the lobbyists done their job well to enforce our security?
Will this kill dd-wrt and other solutions? Or does the media overreact?

For me it was just like facepalm

Sorry if this is a repost. For some odd reason my search functionality is broken :(

The FCC is freaking about the soft radio hacking that has been going on. and besides I do not use wfi it is too unsecure and too slow.

This has been discussed in other - more recent - threads, please refer to those for discussion of this topic.

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