Will Tek Syndicate be making a final "should you upgrade to Win10" video closer to the free upgrade end date?

With the free upgrading ending July 29th I still havnt taken the plunge into upgrading to windows 10. Every week im hearing about new issues updates introduce, programs losing compatibility, more privacy issues and other annoying additions forced on people.

I have been hoping and wondering if Tek Syndicate will me making a comprehensive pros and cons video about windows 10. Discussing among other things, rumors or know additions Microsoft will be adding to windows 10 after the closing date that people may or may not be happy with. Concluded with a final verdict of there opinion on the OS.

The last video they made talking about windows 10 called 'Windows 10: Secure Your Privacy & Stop the Spying' was 10 months ago, unless I have missed an important newer video on the subject.

While the video wont be my only source of information on my decision on if i should upgrade. I do trust Tek Syndicate enough to really want to hear their opinion before I decide one way or another.

Thanks for reading and for any replies :)

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It doesnt take an entire video to say "NO!"


Why shouldn't you upgrade? Unless your hardware can't handle it.

Need windows to run games sadly, and you need Win 10 to run DX12 titles


My thoughts exactly, which is why i havnt done it yet. However as Streetguru says it sadly will be needed eventually to run DX12 titles.

It hasnt anything to do with my hardware, its all the other things I listed. Are you saying they arnt an issue anymore? If thats the case thats part of the reason I was hoping for a Tek Syndicate video as im sure they would go though why that is or isnt the case.

Well, I don't.

windows 10 presents a multiple of problems. With every update breaking something or another on my computer or someone elses that was forced to upgrade. on top of that microsoft prevents users from disabling updates (sorta) or even uninstaling the updates that break the machine. Microsoft has even fired most of its testing team which only pleauge the OS even more.


In all honesty, its gonna be a "Your Mileage May Vary" thing. Some folks either have really really bad luck (or don't know what they are doing), while others have had a smooth migration. My suggestion is to make a clone of your current setup. Upgrade, see how you like it (also you will then have 10 tied to your machine so you have obtained it free anyways). If you do not like it or do not have luck with it, Restore your image. I also believe there is an option in 10 to revert back within 30 days.

Just for the record:
I have ran 10 since roughly a few weeks after it went "Free" and have only had one issue on my profile rig. Getting Nvidia Drivers Setup on a fresh Install. And the EQ program "Viper Audio" I use took a bit to find a working work around.

Aside from that, slight learning curve to find my way around to places I wanted and finding tweaks to setup to my liking.

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With then rolling the spying stuff into updates for Windows 8... I say upgrade, unless you need some of the certain features in older versions.


Just shifting this into the appropriate subsection. Carry on...

Yes exactly.

MS is backporting most of the telemetry stuff back to Windows 7 and 8.1 aswell.
Its basicly very hard to keep your current windows 7 and 8.1 up to date without installing updates that contain some sort of telemetry tracking.
If you want to keep that shit out, you will basicly have to deal with an outdated OS,
and next to that, you will have to install updates manualy which can be very time consuming.
Because you have to re-search every single update that comes out, on what it does, and what it contains.
Also telemetry tracking inside an OS isnt realy something new here.
It allready has been in Windows since the XP era.

The biggest con of Windows10 is obviously its privacy concerns.
However people should realise that Windows10 is not a stand alone OS anymore.
It is basicly a cloud based os, which is build up on MS online services.
That is also one of the reasons why its pretty much impossible to turn off all the telemetry stuff.
But people should realise that not all telemetry collecting is bad persee.
Some of the telemetry data that is gathered from certain apps, is mostly statistical data that can be analysed by the developers of those apps to improve the products "probably"

The main thing that i personaly dont like about windows10, is the data collecting they try to do on your local searches and habbitats.
And creating an advertisement id out of that.
But you can disable allot of that stuff.

As far as forced updates are concerned, if you use a pro or enterprise version, you can manualy add a local policy that gives you back the original update uptions like they were in windows7 and 8.1

As far as the pro´s and con´s goes.


  • DX12 support
  • support for newest hardware and upcomming hardware.
  • More updates, allthough some of them might do more harm then good.
  • Better support for newer upcomming software most likely.


  • privacy: You loose a certain part of your privacy.
  • intrusiveness.
  • Targeted ads if you dont disable that stuff.
  • Home versions dont have group policies, so you cannot edit the update settings.

I agree with @MisteryAngel and @Logan

If your using Windows, you may as well upgrade, there's no reason not to. Any privacy concerns you might have already apply to any version of Windows you might be running anyway.


Pretty much yes.

The CEIP spy has allways been secrectly enabled in windows7 if you did not disable it manualy.
And next to that, most telemetry tracking stuff is getting back ported, if you want to keep your current windows up to date.
Main reason why i personaly have not updated yet, is pretty much that MS has decided to go a certain with their new OS, that i personaly dont like.
But i might upgrade in the future maybe, i´m not interested in the free upgrade, and i allready have a Windows10 enterprise iso sitting on my drive.
i could basicly upgrade at any given time.
But i prefer to wait a littlebit to see which direction the Vulkan api goes, and driver support for Linux.
So that i will end up having more choices.
People do need to realise that at a certain point windows 7 and 8.1 will not get any support anymore.
Not only from Microsoft, but also from hardware and software developers.
So you have to make a decission at a certain point, nomatter if you like it or not.

I am finding the Win10 bearable.

What i do enjoy is the increased performance optimizations of the updated windows kernel.

Yes in 2022/23 I believe.

People still running with Win7 by then would be like people still using the linux 2.6 kernel right now. Unfortunatley with windows its an all-in or nothing deal. And, if you really need a specific version of windows to run something then you can always just virtualize it.

I was concerned with upgrading, but post which I find its not so bad as I thought it would be.

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who need quantum break anyway?

uhm ...

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the issue has been fapped to death, i think.
people will tell you all the horrible shit M$ is doing to your data and go on massive spiels ending with a cinematic cliff-top scream of GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATES for a flourish.

but if you were already using 8, didn't mind 8, then i would go ahead and upgrade.

Fuck DX12. It's all about that Vulkan. I personally believe Vulkan will be more adopted than DX12.

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Its not that bad from an OS standpoint indeed.
I think that windows10 by its self is a good OS.
Its just some of the directions that MS decided to go with it, is something i personaly dont like.
I´m not realy interested in a cloud based OS.
i pretty much prefer a standalone OS, that i can use the way i want it to use.
Like Windows 7 currently is.
You basicly can tweak Windows10 allot, and even uninstall allot of those online services apps if you like to.
Would have been nice if it was possible to strip windows10 to bare metal disabling stuff that i dont need at setup.
Like back in the Windows95 and Windows98 era.
But the problem is that its realy time consuming tweaking it.

I work at a small PC repair shop and our guideline for upgrading to Win 10 is that if you have Windows 7 keep it. You will be super happy and by the time you need to worry about Microsoft not supporting it you will need a new PC anyway.

But if you have Windows 8 or 8.1 upgrade. Windows 10 is like a much better (if nosey) version of 8.

Now what I said above is not true for everyone but you just need to look at what you need and if you feel it's worth the time to learn how to make Win 10 work for you. Watch Barnacules Nerdgasm's video on how to disable a lot of the Win 10 spying for some good info.