Will someone get me started on good music?

As many people kno *cough* blood and rice cakes *cough* I have been heading off in the wrong direction *cough* mcr *cough* nao i need someone to get me listening to good music. Because if not. I WILL DIE!

uhm, man you need to be a bit more specific, i guess if you like mcr you like mainstream rock. i guess you could jus tturn on the radio XD. stuff like disturbed and others, but actually take a listen to some modern metal. see if you like it. maybe some avenged sevenfold or atreyu. also make sure to give metallica and some other good lighter metal a listen and say what you think. also report back with what you like about it. if you listen to avenged sevenfold and like the harmonic solos then maybe we can get you started on some melo-death or deathcore ;]

no no no away from mcr metal = yes i want to listen to metal but i just dont really know what can get me started

well man you cant just want to like metal it just happens. i guess you can try some light melodic stuff like born of osiris. have a listen. if you like it we'll find you some heavier stuff til you reach your limit. if you dont like it we'll try some black metal then maybe some straight up death.

heres their myspace:


yea avenged sevenfold completely rocks. i need more.

aha well like i said check out born of osiris and tell me what you think

they're ok just the screaming lol kinda gets on my nerves

well is it screaming or growling? if both then you''re nto gunna want veyr much metal just maybe some thrash metal and some modern metal.

linkin park

foo fighters


my chemical romance


gppd start

aha armmego, turns out he likes straight up death metal ^^

I <3 iAmError



its a 1man NintendoCore band

You'll want to buy this album if you already don't have it



Armego has great taste. Anyways...uhh, Alternative Rock as Armego mentioned is great. I listen to some R&B, some Asian music....some classical...I don't know. What ever sounds good. Try Big Bang, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Breaking Benjamin, etc.

Wanna hear good music... I'll show you some good stuff... Let me finish uploading it.

Have a listen to Lamb of God's Sacrament album. I'm sure you'd like at least a couple of songs from it. Also Poisonblack is pretty good if you prefer to stay away from the screaming.

Dave... Not alot of people here will mind screaming lol. 80%(ish) of this community listens to Death/Black/Folk Metal and hardcore.

Just a suggestion. I have a friend that loves metal but hates the screaming and I figured that might be the same here. Also, I just realized that this post was 2 months old.