Will overclocked fx-6300 bottleneck 660 ti sli?

The cpu I have is an AMD FX-6300 that I have overclocked to 4.1 Ghz. Would this bottleneck 2 660 tis in sli? If so how much? I will be playing Battlefield and Crysis 3

p.s. I will be playing on a 60Hz 1080p monitor.

Uh, wow. 660's in SLI? impressive. The card alone has more then enough horsepower to run both games at great framerates. You're going to see obvious bottlenecks compared to a Intel processor, but nothing noticable. I would not worry about your gaming at all. 

It will bottle neck but you are talking like getting 75fps vs 100fps or somthing its not noticeable if you have a good motherboard and cpu cooler try and get like 4.5ghz but I think you will be fine and will still have awsome performace.

I have two Gigabyte GTX660ti TOC 3gb paired with a [email protected] and im being seriously botlenecked. 

i call bullshit

unless you have something other than a 990fx motherboard, in which case it's not the processor bottlenecking it's the chipset

How is it exacly bottlenecking?

The board is a gigabyte 990FXA UD3 rev1.2


When i play BF3 i get frames from 120fps to 33fps gpu usage is 67% max but on average i get 46% usage of both gpu,s. Everything is tested and working fine. But the cpu simply cant handle it. Belive me i would like it to use them 100% but no go.

That isn't bottlenecking. Thats BF3 coding being shit. My brother gets the same crappy gpu usage and bad frame rates, its a very common problem with the game. just it won't be fixed anytime soon. Maybe use a different to see what your gpu usage is.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TkGiu_q7UM     MIN:35 AVG:66 MAX:89 gpu usage 67%min 99% max

Thats on ultra with FXAA so it would seem you are right man.

I have fx-8320 @ stock, in bf3 CPU runs ~35-50% with hd 7770(i know shitty gpu, in few days getting gtx 660 ti) I think CPU is just fine and can handle even 3-way and 4-way. (its my opinion)

It depends if you maybe need CUDA/STREAM or if u can find a used one for cheap.  The performance is very similar between the 660ti(192bit) , 760(256bit more bandwith but less cuda cores + cheaper) and the 7950 3gb(384bit). And personaly i didnt find any problem with the smaller memory bus 192 bit if you stay on 1920/1080. I get 163GB/s with my oc on the mem. Btw the 3gb version of the 660ti has the same bandwith on all the memory. The 2gb versions has 1.5gb 192bit speed and the rest 512mb have only 48bit speed.

Put if i would by a new one now i would go for the 7950 (3gb) the price has droped significantly since i bought the 660ti and AMD realesed the new drivers that fixes the frametiming in crosfire, And you get the never settle bundle. 


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