Will not write partition table

I upgraded my CPU, board, ram & hard drive. I figured at the same time I may as well install Linux on my desktop and if I had I'd jam windows in a virtual machine.
I started off loading Linux on new M.2 and I go to write my partitions, it tells me that I partitions can not be written. So I thought maybe the M.2 is not supported yet and grabbed my 2.5 ssd and it also will on write my partitions.
I am don't think I am doing anything different than I have before, the only thing different is I am not using a mechanical hard drive. Could that me the issue?

What flavor, are you in a liveCD and can you post a screen shot of you partition set up?

Arch Linux. I was using a USB, that was making drive description unusual and long so I created a CD. I cant get a screen shot now but I was going cfdisk /dev/sda with 2 partions sda1 & sda2 and when I went to write it just said nope.

Try gdisk?

I have not use gdisk before. Do you know where to find specific to it?

It's very simple to use, easily google'able.