Will new a new router in bedroom help my speeds in bedroom and home office?

Hey there so I currently get about 360MBPs from my provider downstairs and other Ethernet in my home but since my house is old and has huge concrete walls Wi-Fi is shocking and unstable in bedroom sub 5mbps at times and the distance doesn’t help either, I just bought a new ASUS Wi-Fi 6 router ans wondering if this means if I place this in my room/office that are next to each other will this increase my speeds upstairs? If I used modem mode on my ISP box? Since I want to be able to watch High quality videos on laptop without lagging and be able to maybe do VR wireless.

Possibly, but I think you are going about it slightly wrong. If it does increase speeds, its still less than idea. You need to get the AP closer to your devices

If you can run cable, GREAT! Do that. I assume you can’t

Do you have Coax in the wall already? Check out MoCa adapters

Powerline Ethernet may be an option for you, have you tried that? I’ve heard it working well, and I’ve heard it hardly working at all. But they are not expensive, so you could just grab some on Amazon and then return them if they are bad

Another option (Which I think makes sense here) is some kind of Mesh WiFi solution like “eero” etc

I run an Ethernet already, to main workstation. Just Wi-Fi in my office and bedroom is awful.

The router just came setup modem mode and BOOM hell of a lot faster!
After new router installed in office:


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If you have ethernet all the way up there already, why not plug in a switch and add an AP up there?

Honestly I don’t know aha. But this less than unifi AP at $85 with discount so I’ll take it. And I get another 5 Ethernet ports so win win I guess

I would return the Router ASAP! @FunnyPossum is right what you want is an Access Point not a router.

If you want low cost, MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: cAP lite or MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: cAP ac if you want 5GHz spectrum.

Run an ethernet cable with POE and it will fix the Wifi issue. The 5 extra ports might be nice, but its not actually a good value when you can get a low cost 2.5gb poe switch and an AP for about the same money.


Consider an AP that’s POE powered and offers ethernet ports. You would save a second box (switch) at the expense of 1G ethernet, which does not seem to limit your traffic.
E.g. from TP-Link.

There are similar products from other vendors.