Will my video card be able to handle 2 monitors?

Ok so currently I have the Asus radeon 7750


I want to now if I can handle 2 monitors on one monitor I want to run gams and on the other one I want to run skype/Google chroome or other programs. Right now I can't link the monitor I have because it is really old (it is 1600x900) but I will use that one for Google chrome and skype and such. The monitor I want to get is this one


that one will run games. Will I be able to run both of these and if I can then are there any consequences? Lastly if you know a better HD monitor for cheaper than please tell me about it. (If it is a little more and a lot better then you can put that)

yes. zero problems. I run dual monitors gaming on one, with hd 3000, and zero performance drop