Will my power supply work with 670?

I am using a 500W Silverstone PSU and a 650ti at the moment and I was thinking of upgrading to a 760, then I heard that the 670 was better at 1080p. Will my 500W PSU work with a 670?

I use a 3570k, 1xSSD, 1xHDD, 2x4GB RAM, 2x120mm fans, 1xnetwork card and keyboard and mouse (obviously..).




Yes you should be perfetcly fine with this psu.

And with a little overclocking.

670 is a bit cheaper than the 760, at this time. Nothing wrong with either card. But the 670 has slower memory, which is why the 760 is better for resolutions above 1080p.

Awesome, thanks! Just needed some clarification as a lot of the advice that comes up on Google is confusing..

I only use 1080p at the moment, hence my decision to go with a 670. There is also a deal on at the moment where it comes with Splinter Cell and a 2TB 7200rpm HDD for £190 so it may well be a no brainer..

You'll probably find that 500W is the minimum recommended power supply for the 670, or most high-end cards. This accounts for your whole system, plus a little headroom. You'll be fine.

Yep, I did read your post. I thought I would deliver a bit more balance on the 760 vs 670 argument.

The performance of the 760 might only improve with driver updates. However, the 670 has more CUDA cores, if you needed more productivity.

The extra HDD and game certainly sweetens the 670 deal.

Also, for the record, it's this MSI GTX670 OC that I'm grabbing.



Decent enough card. I would consider a better cooling option, though.


Believe it or not, I went with the Asus, and it's running really well! Turned out when I was reading about that deal, the price didn't include VAT. It's a very nice upgrade from my 650ti. I can now bump all the visuals up!

Glad you're happy with it.