Will my parts fit in Z77

Hello guys :) 

I`m new here and my english isnt on top levels :D&nbsp;</p><p>Friend told me i could ask here some questions&nbsp;</p><p>So i have CPU , GPU , MB and everything but i want to buy SSD with speed 6gb/s and my current MB support up to 3 gb/s so i want to buy new MB aswell.</p><p>My current MB is Gigabyte H61m-D2-b3</p><p>So i`m planing to buy Asrock Z77 (xtream or not ) MB and SSD Kingston HyperX 120/240gb.

Will my rest parts fit in this MB 

CPU Intel I7 2600 3,4 Ghz ( not K version)

GPU Gigabyte GTX 670 OC 2gb

Ram 8gb 2x4 idk brand or anything just its 1333 

Power Suply Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W

So my general problem is will all my parts work on full capasity with new mother board and will they fit. Thanks again.


Yes they will all fit and work together it is a LGA 1155 MB and that is the same socket as your CPU, and the other components have universal hook ups.

Aha Thanks and final question will they work on FULL capasity with new MB ? Cuz i`ve been told that my GPU isnt on full capasity and my future SSD wont work on full capasity with H61md2b3 mb. Thanks again

well on your current motherboard, your gpu does work at full capicaty!!, because it works on pci-e 2.0. the card supports pci-e 3.0 but, it will never utilize  the  full bandwith of pci-e 2.0 so its not realy an issue. Also if you switch to a Z77 board, in your case this doesn´t make sense at all, because your sandy bridge i7-2600, just does not support pci-e 3.0. so in therms of your gpu. switching to Z77 is useless.

About your SSD, you probably have a point, i dont know the specs of your current motherboard! but i think you only have Sata II 3.0GB/s ports. Z77 has SATA III 6.0GB/s ports. Will this be realy noticable...? i gues not realy. unless you write alot of data to you ssd time  after time.

My point: Switching to a Z77 board is a bit of a waste.

Grtz Angel.

Yes, everything is compatible.

Thanks for all fast replys :)