Will my motherboard and 6800k work out of the box?

I've just ordered my parts today. I ordered the AMD 6800k and a Biostar Hi-Fi A85W motherboard.

My worry is that the bios will need updating before the 6800k will work with it. I don't own or know anyone who owns an AMD APU to update the bios with. This is my first PC build.

Does anyone have any experience with these 2 parts?

What must I do to update the bios if I can get hold of an older apu?


Thanks in advance.


No, it will not work with that APU without a BIOS update.

Check CPU Support section


5 months since an important bios update like that and the boards don't have it :/

Any advice on how to update the bios? 

it should be possible to install everything and have it boot into the BIOS. If you can get it to do that, then you can load the update onto a flash drive and install it from there. Otherwise, you may try taking it to your local computer hardware store, like a Tiger Direct. They should have enough spare parts to have a trinity series CPU that they can use to help you update your BIOS. The only issue is that it may cost you some money for this service.

Good luck.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to boot at all with the 6800k. Hopefully that isn't the case.

If it does boot I should be ok.

Anything I should know about updating from a usb stick? Do I have to format the usb or just put the bios update on there?

I know how to flash a motherboard now thanks to a few youtube videos.

Does anyone here know if the motherboard will get past post with the 6800k? Tried to ask biostar through their e-support system and 2 days later no reply.