Will my Mobo throttle me CPU

Ok so I'm wondering whether there is anyway to find out whether my Motherboard will drag down my CPU's performance.

I'm not talking a little bit of drag, I'm just concerned that it might cripple my whole build.

here's my parts list

CPU: i5-4570 
MOBO: asus B85M-E 

really need a hand on this one


It won't throttle it. You should ensure that the B85 chipset has features that are suitable for your needs. I think you could probably do a lot more with $800. It's a good build, but you should be able to squeeze a GTX 770 in there. Also, your build is missing a PSU.


Here is a build without a PSU. It's very upgradeable. You could upgrade to an 8350 and that's competitive with an i5, and the FX6300 will give similar performance in most games.

thanks man