Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?

For my upcoming build I'm getting an AMD FX 4350 Quad Core clocked at 4.2 GHz, and for my GPU I'm getting a Sapphire Radeon R9 380 4GB NITRO.

Here's the partpicker list:


In the majority of games, yes.

Short answer Yes, long answer - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, but it also strongly depends on what kinds of games are you playing.
In some cases, like Bioshok Infinite, for example, the difference between this cheap quad-core and Intel's 6700K for triple the price is 10% framerate with 380... In other games, like Crisis, the difference reaches 25-30%, so yes, in some games it will. In some games it will be so negligible, that it's pointless to even mention it. But really, it depends mostly on the game, that you are playing.


Yeah it will bottleneck the card, right now there isn't much of a point on going with am3+ anymore.
Wait for zen or get a cheaper gpu.

Best thing would probably be second hand stuff though, gives you the price/performance over anything new.

even if i dont do anything super intensive? im going to be gaming at 1080p.

Also, I already bought the CPU so what GPU would go better with it?

What about an FX-6300? Or would it cheaper to downgrade the GPU?

Even if you don't actually run it at max this will still be your bottleneck, The bottleneck is the weakest point, the smallest, whatever metaphor you want to use. If you upgrade to a better CPU then your GPU will be the bottleneck (Or possibly RAM but thats beside the point)

No it shouldn't cap if you're not doing anything intensive.

Get the 380... Don't even wory about it. The DX12 tests so far are showing fairly decent bump in performance, and overall even after upgrade the gpu will still be great. There is not really a point in going with cheaper one. 950 is way slower, and is some 20$ cheaper, 370 is even slower, so it is pointless... If you can afford 380 go with 380. And if you find 83xx cpu second hand or on really good price somewhere, get it and you will no longer bottleneck anything.

My two cents: I wouldn't ever downgrade the GPU. You will likely just get a little lower fps but CPUs can be upgraded down the line.

I just upgraded my girlfriends computer from a AMD 750k to an I5 6600k and the RAM from 1333mhz to DDR4 2400mhz and the Heaven benchmark only went up slightly. The only real change was the minimum fps went up by about 5. I haven't gotten to do any real world games testing yet but it probably isn't going to be a huge boost seeing as how the upgrades cost nearly $400. I'm going to do some overclocking later to see if I can get the numbers up a bit but it isn't going to be anything crazy.

Skip the FX chips and look at the Athlon 860k. It will be worth it.

If you already have the 4350 you might as well just get the 380 and deal with the minor performance drops from your CPU. You'll still get a good gaming experience, and you won't be "bottlenecked to the extent that you think you will be

Check this article out...
You will see that 280 is not really bottlenecked by the CPUs. And you will also see, that cheap quad-core like 860k that is very similar in performance to 4350 is still showing improved gaming performance with better GPU.. So get the best GPU you can...

Take it from a man who just had his 8350 bottleneck him when gaming at 1080p. It depends on the games you're playing and how much you're willing to compromise all the nice texture settings and schtuff, shame you've already bought the CPU because that's the bottleneck so it really don't matter what GPU you put it with the frames of some games are just gonna suck no matter what.

I would say the Fx-6300 or Fx-8350(or 8320) would be a good processor for the r9 380. The 6300 isn't that much more than the 4350 anyways. My brother has a 6300 and a r9 280 and it runs most games on ultra at 1080p.

If you could clock that cpu up to 4.7 (which about 95% of them can at a safe voltage) and don't run any background tasks while gaming, the bottleneck will only be mild.

Not really going to be doing any over clocking, but honestly at medium settings is my gaming experience going to be horrible? It wont render games unplayable, and i know it depends on the game. Honestly, I'm going to keep the 4350 for now, if the performance isn't to my liking then I'll look into upgrading. I've just been waiting on this build for too long and I'd like to finish it

It's not going to be crippling by any means you'll still have a good experience. If you find that you're experiencing stutter or hangs that aren't fixed by turning the settings down its likely the CPU being maxed out is the culprit (game cpu loads rarely reach 100% due to how the CPU is utilized so its hard to know for sure) and would be a true bottleneck (I've only ever seen bf4 and star citizen do this)

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Yeah I'm mostly going to be playing games like fallout 4, just cause 3, skyrim and ark to name a few, and I'm not expecting max settings, just decent settings

Expect a bit of stutter in Skyrim and fallout if you get into graphical modding reason being the engine is optimized for only 3 CPU cores and the CPU may choke on your gpu shredding through it. set core affinity to only 3 cores in task manager for these games it'll run much smoother, figured I'd let you know now before you pull your hair out over it.

P.S. you should be able to run max settings in those

Okay cool thanks for the advice