Will my AMD build run without a dedicated GPU?

I just want to know, what will happen if i try to run an fx6300 without a dedicated gpu? I ask because i don't think the cpu has on board graphics like an apu.

I have my build almost ready, i just need to order the motherboard but unfortunately after that ill be completely broke, i wont have enough money to spend for a while on a worthwhile gpu.

I'm impatient i want to be able to use the computer, i know i wont be able to play any games or process videos and such, but will it even turn on?


Sorry for maybe sounding like an idiot i'm in a rush and google wont help me.

I did some googling and i believe it is down to your motherboard chipset is you can run the on board graphic or not.


if you have the speaker plugged in, it'll yell at you.... no gpu code.

Does your mobo have any ports to connect a screen? If it does there should be a onboard gpu. If money is so tight you can always just get a 260 for under 30 $ from ebay or something similar and play basicly any game in 1080p       (with adjusted settings of course)


Short answer is No, an FX-6300 does not support integrated graphics nor do any of the motherboards made for it have integrated graphics. This isn't an Intel Pentium 4 with an integrated Video graphics processor on the motherboard. They don't make motherboards like that anymore.

no, just buy a temporary one, have a look around, i bought one not long ago for $10

you can not turn the pc on no matter what motherboard you get.

you will need a discrete video card. if you are short on money, you can always buy a lower-end graphics card or a used one.

like this video card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127705

Only the very old 760g AM3+ mobos still have intergrated video chipsets like ( Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P ) but these are not for the kind of use you what to use it for.

Have a look for a secondhand old video card ebay or craigslist you can get a old card for $10 to use antill you can afford a better one.

I'd highly suggest you wait or purchase a gpu cheap once you scrap up some cash for one. If you see a dvi or hdmi port coming from the back of your mobo, it'll have integrated graphics but i'd still wait. I mean you could build your computer up to the point of the graphics card (which is usually the last thing to put in for me at least), then wait to drop in a ok card it'll be fine.