Will Ivy-Bridge E work on current x79 boards?

What is the likleyhood that the Ivy bridge E CPU's (when they ever come out) will work on the current crop of X79 boards?  If it is i was thinking of building a rig around x79 and then throwing the ivy bridge E cpu in there once it comes out.  

no body knows but , as far as i know intel, i guess wenn they come out with a new processor range, i think they launch a new platform, like they allways did.. i think they will come up with the Hasswell E on maybe a x99 chipset

I doubt they would considering how long it has taken them and that they usually have new sockets for every new processor line excluding 1155.

i dont think they will come up with an ivy bridge E  i think they will come over 1 or maybe 2 years with the Hasswell - E on a new platform, X99 chipset.

As long as it's still using Socket 2011, it should work just fine. Although it will probably require a BIOS update to accomodate the newer CPU. But if the socket does change, you will need to get a new motherboard.