Will it workLenovo r400 replacing hdd with evo 850

So I was wondering is there any issue why lenovo r400 would not work with samsung evo 250 gb? Or this upgrade is just fine?

u should be good, just try to make sure you run it in ACHI mode in the bios instead of IDE mode

Also, you will be limited to about 270mb/s read and write on the SATA2 3Gbps port on your r400. (not a big deal, still a worthy upgrade)

ty for fast reply btw those modes should be in which bios section if you happen to know?

let me check, i have a x200s and i think lenovo bios stayed the same for that period

do you have the blue thinkvantage button? lol

get into your Bios Config Utility
click config
Switch from compatilibilty to ACHI

tyvm for help I try this out

Since you're limited to SATA 2 why don't go for a cheaper and slower drive but with a bigger capacity since you'll max out anyway the SATA 2 BUS?

don't think any platter drives max out the sata 2 bus, the fastest ones reach 140mb/s so theres still a performance jump going to ssd on the sata2 bus. Plus the laptop hard drives on average i've tested reach a measly 90mb/s

I was still talking about SSDs, sorry if I impled that.

You're also talking about 7200 RPM laptop drives? The 5400 RPM SATA 2 drive that was in my laptop has the same speeds so I guess a 7200 can be faster, am I wrong?

Therma throtling of ssd controller will reduce some speed so he having faster disk is a good option.

You would be better of with a BX100 SSD, you'll get more capacity for the money and still not come close to seeing it's full potential on SATA II

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oh okay, most ssds should saturate the 270mb/s dunno which ones don't anymore.

yea almost every 2.5" drive has hovered around 90mb/s I think the 7200 hit 110mb/s. but these were all very old drives from '07 '08
The 140mb/s figure came out of some research i did a while back on 3.5" enterprise drives and they hit 160mb/s (at least to my recollection)

I've never heard about an SSD controller thermal throttling. No even moving the entire capacity of a dirve back and forth.

@thefish322 Oh, okay nice to know. I've been too unprecise: when I talk about "slower drive" I mean not a top of the line SSD like Samsung's one but something around the 470Mb/s write and 520Mb/s read as @buckwhal said.

Under normal usage there shouldnt been any problems, depending on cooling in his laptop, Samsung has thermal guard feature beacause tlc gets less stable with temperature.But i agree that its overkill on sata 2 connection, dont get any "cheap tlc drives" ( hehe they are too expensive for what they offer) like bx200. MLC rules hehe

yea totalty missed that, but a lower capacity and priced ssd makes more sense,