Will it sell?

Selling this stuff on eBay and wondering if you all think I got the price right and if it'll sell. i5 4690k w/stock cooler/ MSI Z97 G-45 Gaming MB/ 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 and a 120 MSATA SSD all together $350.

Hey @Exarkun631, please check the BST rules and update your post to follow.



Thanx, but where should I move it?

I should have read closer, i though you were selling here lol. I moved it to hardware

No idea if itll sell.

not a bad price. dunno if it'd sell, though.

I feel like no one wants z87/97 anymore. It's either the chipsets before it or after it. Wanna get that Ryzen 5 action.