Will. It. Fit... (giggity)

hi everyone, so. I have an asus sabertooth z87 with the "tuf" armor installed in a fractal design define r4 and I was wondering what I should do with my cpu cooler. I didn't want to use air cooling and I was looking into something like an h100i but my concerns are size and functionality. I would like for the system to run as cool as possible, and my rig is mainly used for gaming, editing, and casual crypto-mining. I appreciate the feedback.

Are you gonna go with push and pull or just push or pull ?

Btw found some pics of an define r4 with h100i



The H100i fits, the H110 or the H105 won't. Push/Pull also won't fit in the top, although it might fit in the front. It is possible to cram a H110 into the front, but you don't get very many screws in to hold the rad in place. If you're okay with that, then it'll fit.

Push/pull config gives you a -2 degrees drop over just pull, even at low rpm, and takes up less space. Don't quote me on that though. I read it somewhere...

doesnt 4 fans take up more space than 2?

hmmmm.. worth a shot, thanks guys!