Will it bottlebottleneck?

HI guys just need some advice, I have built a system with the amd a10 6800k and overclocked it to 4.7 ghz and all is fine and stable but will it be able to handle xfire 7970's I cant find any info anywhere. 



yes it will bottleneck, I don't trust a 8350 with a dual card set up

Realy I thought that would definitely be able to.

Do you think it will be a extreme bottleneck beacause my goal is to max bf4 at 60+ fps

Anything with 2 pci-e crossfire ready slots will handle them, your problem is that even with an overclock, that's a huge bandwidth and pixel fill rate and will get bottlenecked easily by mainstream CPUs. Sorry. Worry not however, the benefits are still visible and quite a lot so, when overclocked, but not in their full potential, mind you. You could sell your current platform (but keep the memory) and buy a beefier CPU, like an extreme edition intel or the new FXs.

it could probably do that at 4.7Ghz

^ pretty much that, you should be able to do BF3 at 60FPS though

The game didn't even come out yet, although bf3 already benefits from more threads. Why not trust a freakin' fx 8350, it's got 8 threads, even if it's slower in clockspeed it would be better for this game than an AMD quad core at 4.7 ghz.

I think you'll be hitting the 60 fps mark easily even with your current CPU.

this guy's got volume. It's a matter of time until he will speak volumes xD

Logan was talking about in pistols stream last night that the 6800k is actually really amazing in the tests his intern ran with a 780. almost no bottlenecking apparently. We'll have to see the results when the video is made.

Crossfire is different. Amd is limited by pci-e 2.0 and limited pci-e lanes so pcie bandwidth is actually what will bottleneck. (on high end cards)

it would seem the 6800k has 24pcie 2 lanes. meaning Xfire can potentially run @ 16x 2.0 & 8x 2.0


if you're doing a dual highend card set up its better to go with a higher end intel chip because they perform better, 8320/50 is a great chip but its a budget chip

Right im starting to get confused all I know is ive just built this system and want to get the maximum out of it for battlefield. So maybe I wait for the amd 8000 series gpu's in october and run single card then it should be fine right?

Wait it out. is what i would do.

(i'm a man of patience, sometimes)

To be totally honest I was just wondering about the the xfire 7970s my initial plan was was wait for the 8970 its rumoured to be the best card for bf4 anyway and in future can upgrade mobo and cpu to xfire later

One other thing though-

Crossfire- Dont worry about frame times. It won't be an issue anymore.      soon....

I know dude amd is about to get it A game on thats why ive built amd this time round :-)

I have a A8-3850 with an 7970 and the bottle neck is massive, although my cpu cannot overclock for it's life. I made several benchmark videos, and more to come if you want to see them.  


No chance of even showing the potential of 1 7970, let alone 2.

Here is a good example, 2500k at 3.3ghz, with a much older GPU (GTX 480)



39 average, 35 minimum Mxed Crysis, 8xMSAA and with mods.

I will use your video as my next example.


Just Cause 2, Radeon 7970, vs GTX 480.


The difference is all CPU.

His video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci6OL2oIafM

My result.