Will it be powerful enough?

Hi i'm currently in the process of networking (wired) the house, but i'm unsure if my pc will be powerful enough to handle all the tasks i need it to and still be quick enough for my needs?

Parts i have:

Coolermaster cosmos 2 case

Msi big bang xpower ii 

32gb corsair vengence quad channel 1600 memory

Antec 1200w gold rated power supply

Planned parts


corsair h110i

2 512gb ssd in raid 0 (havent decided on which ones yet)

8x 3tb seagate barracuda's in raid 6

8 port raid card

7970 or 670gtx (looking at gpu acceleration support atm)

4 x 1gbe network card intel

asus xonar soundcard

dell 2713h monitor

2 lg blu ray rw drives


I currently have a 24 port gigabit netgear switch and will be giving each device its own gigabit feed where possible to stop bottlenecks. There will be 5 tvs and 4 other pcs accessing my pc across the network this will be bluray films stored on raid 6 array and they will be saving work on my pc aswell so that there pcs can be a small form factor and have just  ssd hard drive to keep heat and noise down. I will also be using the pc at the same time as network stuff for photo editing, video editing, multiple internet pages, web design and in the future hopefully animation creation and some vm's. I dont do alot of gaming and there not demanding games when i do. I will run more dell 2713h monitors when there's more money so graphics card will have to support that also. I also plan to have cameras networked and recording to my pc in future about 4-5 of them so will this pc manage? or what options should i be looking at?

many thanks in advance

It should do fine, as long as the computers that it's running are somewhat low power.