Will Intel Xeon E5-2620V4 work with Asus X99-A II

Hi everyone,

I am building a new Workstation for 3DS Max V-Ray rendering and was wondering if I can use E5-2620-V4 with Asus X99-A II motherboard? I have searched Asus's product page and under CPU support it is not listed, but other v4 Xeons are. So I was wondering if it is just not listed there, but would work. Is there anything fundamentally different between v4 Xeons making it not possible to use one, but not the other?

Thank you in advance for any input.

If it's not listed in the motherboard's CPU compatibility list I wouldn't bother even asking. The board was engineered by Asus so if Asus says that CPU is not supported will not work 100%.

Just an update for people with the same question.

I asked ASUS directly and they said "E5 2620-v4 should work fine with the X99-A II. I did not see the CPU on our QVL, but according to our Product Manager's if you update BIOS firmware. It will work okay."

I have personally tried 2620-v4 with x99-A II and it worked on 1201 BIOS (BIOS out of the box in my case) and after I updated it to 1401.

So Xeon E5-2620-v4 works with X99-A II.

Hope this helps someone.