Will installing an m.2 in this slot drop my GPU to 8x

So I am building a machine with a “msi z690-a pro ddr4” (PRO Z690-A DDR4)

It has 4 M.2 slots and as I understand it:
M.2 - 1) is from the CPU
M.2 - 2-4) are from the chipset.

I am happy with the chipset ones but if i use the first slot will it drop my 1st 16x slot to 8x speeds (Will be running in GEN 4 for my G-card FYI)

The paint image is of how i think this works, am i way off? (The reffrences to 980 and 970 are just for me to reffrence when i am trying to work this out. Slot one is where ther red bar is)

No from what it says in the manual

That one is on those lanes, rest are into the chipset


Ah thanks, I was unsure if it was just an ommission or it could handle both at full speed.

I will give it a crack.