Will i5 2500 bottleneck gtx 6xx


so will a i5 2500 bottleneck gtx 660,660ti,670 ?

I don't overclock anything and run games on 1080p


sould be fine I think the 660ti would be the best match or a 7870

No, it'll work just fine with any of those GPUs you mentioned.

alright cool thanks

heres my next question i have a seasonic 350w psu and was wondering: if the asus gtx 670 direct cu 2gb version would work? i am running i5 2500, 500gb wd hdd, 8gb ram and asus gtx 560 non ti direct cu ii atm

edit: i think i found the answer

http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page362.htm --> it says the gtx 560 uses 520 watts whereas the gtx 670 uses 500 watts so technically I would be able to use the gtx 670 right? since im already using a gtx 560

if you have a 350w those cards wont even run with psu so small. get a 600w or 750w to run a 670.

It's only going to bottleneck something like a 680 or 7970 on newer games like Chrysis 3, stuff like that. If you overclock it, you'd get a lot of use out of it.

hmm but on the link it says 670 runs on 500 watt and the 560 runs 520 watts and right now i am running the 560 with the 350watt psu

A 350 watt PSU? Sheesh.

You definitely don't need a 750W PSU for a 670. The 2500 would be fine for 7970 CF, or even a Titan. For a single 670, 7970, etc., it will be fine. A 350W, however, will not. Get a good 550W PSU, such as a Seasonic G 550, or, at most, a 650W, such as the Rosewill Capstone 650W Modular, or Seasonic X 650.

what about a 550w coolmaster or corsair

The Corsair CX500 would be a great option.  I'd steer clear of CoolerMaster PSUs.  You can do better than that.  Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Rosewill, PC Power & Cooling, and the Antec Neo Eco series are decent picks.  Just make sure it's 80+ certified.

According to PCPartPicker, a rig based around the i5 3570k and the GTX 670 will draw approximately 350w.  So, I really don't know if a 350w PSU would be able to handle it.  To be safe, I usually grab a few extra watts for overclocking, future upgrade, and power spikes.  You could get by with a Corsair CX430.  I, however, recommend something like the XFX 550w 80+ bronze PSU.  Shop around for the best deals.  PCPartPicker is a great site to compare prices.

I'm currently using the Corsair CX600 in my rig, and I have to say it is working flawlessly thus far.

Good luck! 

ok cool

hey guy i just found out i have a 500watt seasonic 80 plus bronze!!! Will that be able to handle a gtx 670 asus direct cu2??

off topic: on memory express the gigabyte gtx 670 windforce has higher cuda cores, core clock why is it 30 dollars cheaper?

1)500 watts should be fine.

2) perhaps it is on offer

awwwwsome thanks will

a 2500k stock should have enough grunt to handle a pair of gtx 680's and then some putting in 3 680's is poitless as your limiting 2 cards badly with the pci-e's 16 lanes being shared, its an inbuilt hardware limitation. so in the real world you put no more than 2 cards on an i5 arcitecture even the 1s named i7. so with that in mind you would likely have a little headroom left if you used 2 titans on an entiley stock clock system.

so no your 2500k wont bottleneck the gpu's you listed.

get the best you can afford your cpu wont mind 1 bit.