Will I need windows 7 or 8 for gaming/browsing?

Will I need an OS for gaming and surfing?  If not windows 7/8 leave a sugestion.  Thanks!

Win7 is better in the sense that it's already been optinized for eveything. But win8 is a little bit better overall once you get used to the different UI and format/layout.

No of course you don't! You can use your BIOS for surfing and gaming you just need win 7 for its easier usability and minesweeper and paint but the BIOS would surfice if you don't want to spend like $70.

i detect sarcasm

knightnight is right, you shouldn't really need an operating system

During one of the tek videos recently, and i believe their most popular one by far, they tested win7 vs win8 for gaming and currently win7 is slightly faster, plus you've probably fooled around on the operating system at least a little now that it's been out for, what, two years? I guess the question is do you want something running your system that you know works and you trust to do , said good. Or are you putting your system in the hands of future firmware updates, ahem, windows inc.........

Go Windows 8, you will get it eventually in the future. The UI is wierd at first but you get used to it. If you already have Windows 7 I would stay with it, If you are getting a new OEM copy go with Windows 8.

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I would just grab a copy of Windows 7 Until Windows 8 SP1 comes out =D . I would say go with Windows 8, Buts its gave me issues (Not that Windows 7 didnt either after release)

They will not be making service packs for 8.  They'll be directly transitioning from 8 to "Blue."

Blue will be a free upgrade from a genuine Win. 8 copy upon release.

cool, now i don't even have a reason to use either... they'll have to pry 7 from my cold dead hands