Will I have problems overclocking with my current motherboard?

Will I encounter any problems overclocking my Pentium G3258 on my ASUS H97M-PLUS?


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On that board with that processor, you can go crazy. 4.5ghz is probably obtainable with a mediocre cpu cooler on that board.  

Ok, thank you for the help.

if asus has unlocked some overclocking specific feutures on that H97 board then yes.

But i think a Z97 board would be a better choice. A bit of a problem with those "cheap" pentium G cpu´s. you need to overclock it like crazy to get some performance out of that dual core, BUt yeah then you also gonne need a more expensive Z97 board, so there is not realy a win win situation with that cpu. Because an i3 performs better and can be used on a cheap board.