Will I accidentally my Whole Hard Drive?

Serious question, I bought a Western Digital blue 1TB hard drive for my first build and it says:
Step 1. Download cloning software

Step 2. Install hard drive.

Does this mean I need the cloning software or can I just plug this in on the first boot and expect it to work? 

Some more info and slightly related questions: It is a 7200rpm and 64mb cache, will this cause any problems when gaming?

This is my first PC and I have never really been a gamer or into computers until just now so please be nice... Thank you for any useful info.  

Build is:

1TB WD Blue

Intel Core i5-4460:

MSI H97 Guard Pro

8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM

256GB Crucial MX100 SSD

NZXT S340 Case

Corsair CX750m 


The cloning software is for cloning an existing disk to the new one, for a new install all you need to do is plug it in and install windows on it.

And yeah, it should be fine for gaming.

Just ignore it unless you actually want to clone something to that HDD.

Just a few questions though..


So you installed all the components including the SSD and HDD and installed the OS on the SDD and left the HDD blank for games and programs/files?


When in the setup did it ask you about cloning?

The cloning software is if you're moving your operating system to a new disk. So yes, you can plug it in and expect it to work, though you'll still need to install an operating system before you can really do anything other than post. I would recommend at least attempting Linux at first, but you have an NVidia card and you don't sound all that experienced. Get your hands on the Windows 10 preview and look into getting 7 or 8, since the preview won't last forever.

However, you'll want to install your OS onto the SSD, as well as any games. That will ensure the best performance. It wouldn't affect in-game performance if you installed everything on an HDD, but it would be considerably slower when loading or booting.

Havn't set it up yet, at work at the moment. My parts just arrived today as told by my girlfriend and I am Psyched to put it together when I get home. (: Thank you for the info, one more question...

What is the best looking Skyrim game you have seen? I am building this with that in mind and I am assuming the 980 STRIX OC will handle more than a handful of mods.

There is this.....